"An innovative, cost effective
and flexible solution for wrapping of rolled products"


About our company

Bohus PMC is headquartered in Uddevalla, Sweden, some 80km (50 mi.) north of Gothenburg, which is Sweden’s second largest city, located on the country’s west coast. Sweden is renowned as a nation of invention and innovation, from Nobel to Hasselblad to Volvo to Ericsson. Bohus carries on a heritage of superseding the limitations of traditional technology, while exponentially increasing cost-effectiveness.
For nearly three decades, Bohus PMC has led the way worldwide in innovating superior technology for roll finishing.

Achievement in an era of change
The past generation has seen dramatic turmoil and evolution across the entire spectrum of manufacturing technology. Economic survival has dictated that production costs are minimized; materials waste eliminated entirely; and manpower levels rationalized or supplanted by automation wherever possible. Simultaneously, the demands for virtually flawless product quality have intensified to historic levels.

Every customer company expects that products arrive to its premises in perfect condition. No waste or damage is acceptable—purchased product must be delivered in 100% pristine, usable quality. Maximized packaging protection is absolutely essential.

Bohus PMC from its beginnings has anticipated the ever-increasing demands for superior packaging technology, and strived to improve every element of package performance and application equipment design.

Numerous packaging equipment suppliers have not withstood the harsh realities of today’s manufacturing environment. Bohus has not only survived in this era of incessant change, it has thrived. The company’s record of achievement is best exemplified in the benefit provided to its customers: the ability to deliver products in superb condition as cost-effectively as possible.

Helping our clients to adapt, compete, and succeed.
From its origins in the early 1980s, Bohus PMC has solved packaging problems critical to our clients’ long-term success:

  • eliminating product loss during transport;
  • minimizing system size, complexity, and capital cost;
  • substantially decreasing manpower requirements;
  • ensuring ease of system operation and maintenance;
  • removing traditional problems—such as adhesives--from the packaging equation.

These are the industry-proven, time-tested accomplishments of our company. More importantly, Bohus systems have contributed significantly to our clients’ bottom-line profitability. In this we take the greatest pride: Bohus systems have not only enabled our customers to survive, but to prosper in a rigorous marketplace.

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