"An innovative, cost effective
and flexible solution for wrapping of rolled products"


Our Products
The simple, straightforward solution is often the most effective. Complicated equipment containing many moving parts magnifies demand for troubleshooting and maintenance, not to mention the obscene capital and installation expenditures it entails.

Bohus PMC products are built on three main principles:

  • Minimum moving parts;
  • Near-effortless, operator-friendly performance;
  • Industrial grade construction and reliability.

Committed to “Intelligence in Simplicity", Bohus PMC’s designers anticipate the practical problems of industrial operating environments.
Our experts take pride in constructing machinery that inherently limits complexity, minimizing the likelihood of operational failure.

Roll Wrapping
Spiral application of wrap media is the key element of intelligent roll packaging. Why?
Because only one width of wrap is required to wrap any roll size, eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary multiple backstands used to unwind various wrap widths.

Both polyethylene stretch film and kraft wrap can easily be applied via the spiral wrapping process, with a single machine. Applied in separate layers, they form a super-protective mechanical and moisture barrier which contains no laminates, ensuring easy recyclability.

Ultimate product protection + fully recyclable, environmentally friendly package + compact, cost-effective equipment = A Superb Return on Investment.

Radial Film Wrappers
Miniwrapper packaging technology achieves dramatic advances over conventional wrapping methods: Glues, tapes, all adhesives are eliminated entirely!

Spiral Kraft Wrappers
Gargantuan, space-consuming, maintenance-prone, energy-hungry and expensive kraft wrapping dinosaurs are no longer necessary to wrap numerous roll sizes at high speeds. Spiral kraft application ensures that one wrap size fits all rolls to be wrapped.

Throw the profit-eating monster out of your mill now! Relax and enjoy the extra cash flow from Miniwrapper kraft applicators.

Combined Film-/Kraft Wrappers
Super flexibility of combined film/kraft applicator allows users to select either polyethylene or kraft paper as the outer layer of the wrapped package. Your rolls can “look” like conventionally wrapped rolls if you prefer.

Eliminate environmentally unfriendly laminates from your operation-indepentently applied film/kraft layers ensure easy-to-separate, fully recyclable package.

No need to pay for expensive first quality kraft wrap. Use your own off-spec wastepaper as wrapping material and add to your mill’s profits.

Header Cutters
Bohus Header Cutting Systems precisely cut circular end headers (discs) from round or square sheets, using a specially carbide-hardened knife to eliminate saw dust. Precision Header Cutters are capable of processing any material that can be cut with a knife, including PE-laminated liner, solid board, corrugated board, channel plastic and other materials.

Pallet-type HeaderCutters
These high-output units are designed to produce perfectly round headers from square sheets stacked on pallets. Typically used by suppliers of inner and outer headers to the paper industry, they eliminate the traditional costs of die-cutting headers. Dies for different header diameters are never again required.

Header Cutters Dedicated to In-Line Wrapping Systems
Bohus table type in-line Header Cutting Units cut circular headers to the precise diameter of each individual roll (or a set of rolls) to be wrapped by any type of wrapping apparatus, from round or square sheets. Table type cutters are available in a wide range of models, from manual to fully automatic configurations.

Core Cutters & Core Handling
Bohus PMC introduces the most versatile, flexible and economical core cutting system ever developed. Our BECC unit cuts individual cores from full set length parent cores to eliminate excess waste. Our cutting unit uses a rotating saw blade to make a perfectly shaped 90 degree cut.

Core Cutters
Basic Expandable Core Cutter (BECC) provides our clients with a versatile, modular machine which can be upgraded step-by-step from manual operation to almost any degree of automation and core handling capability.

Core Handling
Parent core handling with side mounted robot
Cut core outfeed to core carts, or to conveyor systems to winders


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